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Welcome to our Health & Rehabilitation Video Portal where you can choose and access individual videos that allow you to focus on your needs in the comfort of your own home. Here you can access FREE exercise and educational videos.

Cancer Prehab & Rehab Exercise

Scientific evidence now shows that improving your fitness, even slightly can have a positive effect on your recovery from surgery and other treatments. We have been part of a pilot for patients needing treatment for Colorectal Cancer, our aim is to improve patients’ outcomes and reduce side effects from treatment by introducing regular light exercise as soon as possible before treatment takes place. Here you can access some exercises to do at home.

Lower Back Release with a Massage Ball

Here are some great exercises to release muscle and fascia of the lower back using a soft spiky massage ball.

Pelvic Floor for Men and Women

Pelvic floor strength and stability is vitally important at any age but as we get older doing exercise to maintain our pelvic floor is so important. A strong pelvic floor will help to maintain continence and control, and will also reduce the chances of a prolapse. Pelvic Floor is not just for ladies, gentlemen need to maintain strength in these muscles especially if they have treatment for Prostate Cancer.

Cancer & Exercise

Understand the real benefits of different types of exercise before, during and after cancer treatment. Exercise can help to reduce symptoms and improve overall outcomes for patients.